September 17th, 2013



Various Pictures of me over the years.

I took these pictures at an airshow at  Davis Monthan Air Force Base  sometime in 2007.

I had a friend visit from Ireland in Late August 2012. We went to the   Pima Air & Space Museum.

A friend of mine visited from Ireland. I took him to the  Sonoran Desert Museum.

The same friend from Ireland, this time we went to the  Titan Missile Museum.


Went to the zoo with my sister and her kids maybe in the early 2000s. I forget when.

Took some fireworks pictures on a low quality camera a few years ago.

I took some pictures of fireworks back in 2007. PROTIP: Sparklers and a digital camera make for some interesting pictures.

Proof that it snows in Tucson, AZ. I forgot what year this was.

In 2005, there was a storm that left us without power for 18 hours. The storm knocked 10+ telephone poles down in my neighborhood.

Random stuff I have come across...